Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Chrome browser is getting its share of fame as more and more people are dwelling towards it. Apart from layman, web developers have also started developing fondness for Chrome. For its riveting speed this browser is crowned a winner unanimously by users and developers. 

Web developers who need to switch between browsers, check the look and feel of the web app would surely like these three extensions suggested by Chrome developers. Let’s have a look at these three chrome extensions:

IE tab: This is a really good example of ideal Chrome extension development. Being web developers, you need to check the web page on all browsers and rather than switching between the browsers, you can actually open Internet Explorer in your Chrome tab. Often you find that you need IE to open few sites and with this add-on you can access IE without moving away from Chrome. 

Snippy: There are times when you see web design which give a WOW feeling or there is something extra ordinary about it. Saving such sites for future use can help you. Snippet developed by Chrome developers let’s you take snippets of such web pages. Starting from capturing content, photos, images or links, it manages all and preserves formatting as well. 

If I were to develop a custom Chrome extension, I would develop something on these lines. This form of Chrome extension development is simple but effective. Very useful this is a good add-on for your Chrome. 

Speed tracer: This Chrome extension comes into picture when your web app gets hiccups! I mean when you find some issues with the performance of web application, Speed Tracer can be of help. It fixes all problems by analyzing metrics and application runs. Being a Chrome baby, it runs on all platforms like Windows and Linux. 

These three extensions by Chrome developers can actually rule out the possibilities of Custom Chrome development if you face performance issues, need IE tab or want to take screen shots of any web pages. So, for all you web developers adding these three to your Chrome browser would make it more smart and working!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Firefox browser can be enhanced with various plugins that add to the caliber of this smart Internet browser. The add-ons and extensions can change the mannerism of working of Firefox. By adding speed, features and comfort to the browser the plugins extend its functionality by taking it to another dimension. 

Being a browser used extensively for testing IT applications Firefox encourages lot of custom browser services. Depending on the need of the business, clients ask for custom Firefox plugins that match their specifications and aid them in working faster.

The custom Firefox plugins add efficacy to the browser and streamlines workflow of corporate entities. By incorporating extensions that facilitate network communication these plugins can make working of an enterprise better and fluent. 

For an individual the custom browser service can accommodate all his needs and give a personalized touch to his Firefox browser. The idea is to leverage better facilities by adding extensions that give greater results and this idea is working well as per the statistical analysis.

Researchers have observed that from individuals to enterprises, everyone chooses custom firefox plugins. They choose this form of personalization to make their browser better. Toolbar when customized would aid in catering specialized services through smarter tools.

Many outsourcing companies offer custom browser services which can be leveraged for sufficing one’s requisites. You can contact any of the companies, cross check their track record and get your browser customized. 

The good side of this is that you can get services at affordable cost and within the time frame. The companies take full responsibility of the resources and infrastructure and deliver the outcome within short period of time. 

Just chart out your requirements, browse for a good custom toolbar development company and get going!!!